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Library Event May 16 2015
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Silver Bookmarks Perfect for some leisurely reading, our stylish silver bookmarks will ensure you don't lose what page you are on.

Silver Bookmarks

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D.N. Sutton
Poet & Visionary



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Poet & Visionary




Author Signing Event at the San Diego Public Library!

in the
La Jolla/ Riford Public Library
7555 Draper Ave, San Diego CA 92037

Saturday, May 16, 2015 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Come meet D.N. Sutton and get a signed book!!

Presentation at La Jolla Public Library


New Novel 2014!

Carolinian Chronicles

The Carolinian Chronicles

A French fairytale for grownups!



Novel 2013

Romantic Tales From Old Mulvedania
Romantic Tales From
Old Mulvedania

Love stories from a fantasy country!

Could Royalty
Be Living Next Door?



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Love Poems for the Romantic Heart Book & CD
Death Poems for the Grieving Heart Book & CD

Psalms for Life Living Book & CD



MarsProbes 2012
... POEM by D.N. SUTTON ...

Presented by D.N. Sutton at the
15th Annual International Mars Society Convention
on August 4th, 2012, in Pasadena, California

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Below: Dr. Paul & Doris Sutton (D.N. Sutton) in 2011

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All proceeds from the SoulSite are donated to the
Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting and
the SignWriting Literacy Project for Deaf Children.
through the
Center For Sutton Movement Writing
a non-profit educational organization founded in 1976
which donates educational materials to schools for the deaf.

La Jolla's Legendary Couple

Paul & Doris Sutton Age 93 & 94


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