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Cambio Journal
June 2000

 Deerfield Beach Times
Florida, June 2000

Deerfield Beach Times
Florida, June 2000

"Author Has A Poetic License of Love"
...exciting and new...

by Petrina Morgan
Deerfield Beach Times, staff writer

Author D.N. Sutton made an appearance at Books-A-Million in Deerfield Beach this past Saturday and love was in the air - her poetry book of love, that is!

With more than 60 years of writing experience under her belt, D.N. Sutton has singlehandedly earned the title of a poetic goddess, or perhaps more deservingly, the Muse of Love. She brought her insight and artform to Books-A-Million in Deerfield Beach last week.

"There's something very satisfying and extremely gratifying when a piece of your work is recognized for what it is," said Sutton. "If you have something to offer, something important to share - it's not a question of vanity, but of purpose in life."

And so with this conviction of writing, share she did, writing her first poem when she was only seven-years-old, publishing her first piece of work in the Miami Herald at the early age of eleven.

However, D.N. Sutton is more than just a poet. During her college years, she earned a degree in psychology and an MA in drama. Throughout her life, she has been a playwrite, a poetry editor, a professional photographer's model, as well as having been active in radio publicity and public relations.

With a friendly face and welcoming smile, Sutton personifies the joy of her poetry, the joy of life, living, and love.

As she sits behind a little table displaying copies of her book Love: Poems for the Romantic Heart to the bookstore, she greets every interested reader with a burst of pleasantry and shares with them her visions of love and information concerning some of her recent publications.

The message: "Love is real, love last" is emblazoned on the hearts and minds of all of Sutton's patrons who leave with an autographed copy of her book.

After 53 years of "marital bliss" to Paul Sutton, love and poetry have practically become one in the same to her.

"Love is everlasting, like poetry it's forever," commented Sutton.

Sutton says her book Love: Poems for the Romantic Heart is extremely important to her because love is the essence of life.

"This kind of love represents pure adoration and romance, not what it's perceived as in today's society - just sex," she said. "This is what love is really about. More than just the external look, but what's truly there, on the inside."

With only two copies of her book left on the shelves at Books-A-Million, Sutton feels the public appreciates her work.

"People like the poetry because they can understand it," Sutton said with a smile. "There's no confusion in their minds about it."

D.N. Sutton shows an almost unearthly charm in the lyrics and stanzas of her writings. In the words of one of her recent poems:

"Not since the dawn of time
Has there been love
More than this...
Not since the constellations
Spilled out of the palm of God."

...an excerpt from the poem...
"Not Since The Dawn Of Time"



Cambio Journal
June 2000

 Deerfield Beach Times
Florida, June 2000


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